Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

far from home {by Bernnard AF}

Something is coming
Why do we keep running
When we have no clue
All we have is you
We`ll raise our glasses of wine for the last time
We will attack,we will wait for your sign
Help us

The eye of the sun sleeps faster than we could
All we have are shadows in this lonely woods
There’s no way out
Heartbeat of fear and sounds of death getting loud
We were not born to lay down our armor
we fight for the freedom of our children and our honor
Lead us?
A voice keep whispering, this is no place to die son
Yes, but this is the path we’ve chosen, we’ll hold on
There’s no way out from this battle
I Hope my last words get to my people
I Hope my last strength give them victory
This is the beginning of a new story
The battle is yours to fight now

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