Wed. Nov 20th, 2019


TEE’S BEE’S NATURAL HONEY – A healthier Sweetener, used for wounds to heal it faster and also remove any mark, used for the smoothing an clearing of the skin etc
Prices- 50cl- 1500 , 1litre- 3000. Wholesales is also available.

SLIMMING TEA: Get you desired size with our slimming tea.
Price- 4000

CHEBE KIT: Give your hair the food it desires to look healthy and grow well. Includes chebe powder, karkar oil, chebe shampoo and chebe conditioner.
Price- 6000

BITTER KOLA(GARCINIA KOLA) – Only available for bulk buyers.
Price- 70000 per 50kg

ORGANIC: Get organic products for your cream and soap making. Price Depends on what you want.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Get undiluted essential oils for ur skin, hair and perfume oils.

BEANS FLOUR: Make Moi Moi and Akara with ease with our beans flour, Also use in making of swallow for a healthier option to wheat that contains Gluten.
Price- 1500 per kg

Payment on delivery for people within Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: 09064836275


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